Official data on United Kingdom’s biodiversity was hard to find in the 20th century. This was until when the National biodiversity network was founded back in 2005. It was all successful as groups of social organizations in UK and Ireland joined together to help avail all data records on a common National Federation for Biological Recording. There has always been a need to interact with nature.

UK is one of the top tourist destinations in the world and to have a clear record of all that the region hosts is very important. At, people can easily access records of different animal and plant species found in UK.

The estimates reveal that nearly 60,000 individuals routinely record biodiversity information in this region. A wide number of these records are voluntarily availed by the over 2,000 social organizations, and recording schemes in UK and Ireland. The government has helped to a great extend in making available lots of this data available through its numerous wildlife agencies. Currently, there are nearly 127 million records categorized in 850d data sets.

The network is facilitated through the NBNs Trust that avails funds for collection, collation together with exchange of biodiversity information on this forum. Currently, the partnership consists of over 140 voluntary and public organizations that work to provide additional information on the diversity of livings things in this region.

It is the organization’s belief that recording data on wildlife and availing it for easy access is the key to maintaining healthy ecosystems. People can now access all the data by viewing different categories online.